Ages 18-36 months – once a week class in 3 month sessions. Sign up now!

Our Parent Toddler program offers a rewarding two-hour class for parents and their children ages 18 to 36 months old. Classes meet once per week from 9:00 to 11:00 AM with the day(s) of the class depending on enrollment. With up to 10 children each day, the class provides an opportunity for you and your child to experience time together in an enriching classroom environment. Here, our toddlers have the chance to explore their growing independence and to develop basic skills. Children enjoy a snack with the assistant teacher while close by parents participate in a discussion facilitated by the lead teacher. Either Mom or Dad can attend and may take turns participating during each session.

Thursdays are our designated Toddler & Friend Day. At our Toddler and Friend Class, your toddler may be accompanied by a grandparent, nanny or other significant adult.

Our Parent Toddler program offers a safe, child-friendly environment where parents and children can learn together. Children play in ways that encourage social and emotional growth while parents have the opportunity to develop supportive relationships with the teachers and other parents. The program is all about making connections between toddlers, parents and educators, and introducing creative activities to develop cognitive, motor and language skills.

Parent Toddler sessions are offered year round. You are welcome to participate in one or more sessions (when you are currently enrolled in a session you will have priority to attend the next session). Applications for the Parent Toddler program are accepted at any time.

During our spring session, we offer a Transition to Preschool class. This is a drop-off program for those who will be entering preschool.