Linda Bravin – Operations Director

Linda joined the WUMP family in June 2007. Linda has been in the early childhood education field since 1973 in various settings. She taught preschool and kindergarten in California, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. She was also a preschool curriculum coordinator and director in Northern California. Linda holds an Associate of Science degree in Preschool Education as well her Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, in elementary education. One of Linda’s passions is finding new curriculum ideas for the children; she has presented workshops at local, state and national conferences. Linda is long time member of NAEYC (National Association of the Education of Young Children) and for many years served as a regional board member. Linda supports Developmental Appropriate Practice which is based on knowledge of the stages of child development, and an understanding that each child is unique. Linda believes children learn though materials that are concrete, real and relevant to their lives. She believes in the quote, “Childhood is journey, not a race”.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Linda moved to southern California in 2004 and quickly became a fan of warm weather and nearby beaches. In her free time, Linda likes to read, take long walks, and go to museums. She’s happy to quilt or travel when she has the time.

Linda looks forward to forming a friendship and bond with you and your children!

Charity Parker – Program Director

Charity is a vibrant and passionate early childhood professional. She has worked in the early childhood education field since 2004. Charity has a bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University and has a M.ED. in Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Education from Arizona State UniversityShe also holds Program Director Permit granted by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Charity has worked as an early childhood teacher in all age groups from infants to preschool. Charity has also worked as an operations clerk in various child development centers. Being the wife of an active duty Air Force Officer, Charity has had the opportunity to work with children and families from various states and countries. Charity believes this field is her calling and looks forward to bonding with you and your children and cultivating lasting relationships with all families at WUMP.

Preschool Staff

Nagwa: “Over the course of my early childhood education career I have encountered a number of amazing children who taught me a lot about myself and strengthened my passion for working with children. I have poured my heart and soul into my teaching career and have enjoyed every lesson that I have put together, every activity I have worked on with the children and every day that I get to see children grown and develop. I enjoy watching children learn and laugh. I enjoy bonding with my students, sharing my life with them and getting to know about their lives. The most rewarding thing about teaching young children are all the smiles, hugs and love that is given to me – it just warms my heart!” Nagwa loves the beach.

Denise: “What I find most rewarding about working with children is the warmth and sensitivity they exude – and their curiosity!” Denise loves decorating, reading and playing with her dog, Tank.

Linda: “I love to watch the kids playing and having such delight when they accomplish something successfully for the first time” Linda volunteers, feeding homeless people through her church and loves having Saturday garage sales!

Charlene: “What I find most rewarding about working with children is that I can make a difference in children’s lives.” When not teaching Charlene likes to read, dance play soccer and garden.

Georgina: “I enjoy providing the essential tools to help young children grow, to ensure a successful future.” Georgina enjoys her grandsons, exercising, reading and playing trivia games.

Danie: “The most rewarding thing about working with children is witnessing the moment the exact second where a child masters a skill he or she has been developing for a long time. I love seeing the smile on the child’s face as s/he discovers “I can do it!” Outside of school Danie loves to do couponing, reading, writing and being a mom to a preschool son!

Adriana: “I enjoy working with 3 year olds because I get to be part of the first years of their early childhood education. I am able to see them grow and develop into young, mature little people. I feel rewarded when parents come to me and tell me something their child said about school and how much they enjoy the class. It makes me happy!” Adriana is a Dodger and Kings fan. She enjoys Disneyland, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Seseh: “I love to see the children grow, to see their smiles, to hear their laughter. I love to come into a room and get love and hugs. It brings joy to me and gives me meaning to care for them.” When not at preschool Seseh loves to shop for her granddaughter and take care of her. She likes to hang out with friends and play games on her iPad.

Erica: Ericka takes satisfaction in being part of the children’s messy, amazing learning process. She loves to see the smiles on the children’s faces running in the play yard, playing with toys, calling each other’s names. “I get to be a part of their simple, joyful lives, and that’s beautiful.” She enjoys taking long walks at the beach, reading, photography and spending time with her daughter.

Bianca: “I love children and I like to play with them. It makes me happy!” Bianca likes to walk, shop, get massages, and be with her grandkids.

Parent-Toddler Program

Nancy: “I love experiencing the moment when a child begins to trust me. If I go very slowly and am at eye level and truly have his or her best interest at heart, then trust develops and anything is possible for that child.” Nancy does yoga and strives to shine light and love on her family and friends.

Bianca: “I love children and I like to play with them. It makes me happy!” Bianca likes to walk, shop, get massages, and be with her grandkids.